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How Does it All Work?

1. If an employee is injured at work, the supervisor should immediately be notified. The supervisor will fill out an incident report and an authorization for treatment.
2. Telemedicine may be offered as a treatment option to the employee, if this is suitable for their injury
3. The employee goes to www.Reliant.TeleMed.com and selects “See the Doctor Now”
4. The employee completes the basic information then clicks on “Join Video Visit”
5. A care coordinator then joins and receives further information
6. An MD is contacted and then joins the call. The MD will diagnosis your situation and develop a treatment plan for your injury
7. After the doctor has completed their evaluation, the doctor will disconnect, and the care coordinator will rejoin the telemedicine visit and arrange discharge, follow-up appointments and prescriptions, if necessary
8. After discharge, the employee and employer will receive all relevant documentation via secure email

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