flu shot

Does the Flu Shot Cause the Flu?

The flu vaccine has been proven effective in both decreasing personal risk for getting the flu as well as reducing the incidence of flu in the population overall. Still, many myths persist about the flu and the flu vaccine. Influenza is a viral, contagious respiratory illness that can range in severity, with the most serious […]

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types of flu

Different Types of Flu

There are many different types of flu that people can become infected with, which is why it can be difficult to treat at times. Understanding some of the most common types of flu will help you decide if you should seek medical attention at an urgent care facility. Types of Flu – A, B, and […]

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Your Best Foot Forward: Podiatrist Urgent Care

Podiatrist Urgent Care Podiatry is a medical specialty focused on issues affecting the feet, ankles, and lower legs. A podiatrist can treat existing issues or help people prevent problems. During a podiatry visit, a podiatrist will examine your foot and may check your gait (the way you walk), your range of motion, and the fit […]

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comprehensive guide to the flu

A Comprehensive Guide to the Flu

A Comprehensive Guide to the Flu You’re feeling awful. You have fever not responding to over the counter medications with body aches, sweats, and chills. Cough is getting worse and has trouble sleeping. You have lost your appetite and feeling nauseous. Could it be the flu? Could it be something even worse? What is the […]

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