Football player who is injured on the field

6 Most Common Sports Injuries: How to Prevent and Treat Them

  As days are getting longer and sunnier, many Los Angeles residents are spending more time being active and returning to the outdoor sports that they love. That can mean a return to common sports injuries as well, particularly if the body has grown used to a more sedentary lifestyle over the last year. When […]

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Doctor looking at brain scans for a concussion

Signs of Concussion & How to Treat Concussion Symptoms

  A concussion is a serious injury that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you want to know what concussion signs to look for, read on to learn about observable symptoms, how to treat a concussion and when to seek help from a healthcare provider. What Causes a Concussion? Concussions are caused by a bump or […]

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Father and son getting a covid-19 test

COVID Testing in Los Angeles: What to Expect

  While California’s vaccination effort has been going remarkably well, it’s still too soon to assume that any COVID precautions you’ve been taking are no longer a necessity. COVID testing in Los Angeles is still recommended as an essential tool in curbing the spread of the virus and keeping county residents safe, especially when you […]

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Woman blowing her nose while on a bike ride

Spring Allergies in Los Angeles: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

  Spring has sprung, with many outdoor enthusiasts enjoying the blooms and flowering trees that mark the season. For allergy sufferers, though, spring allergies can mean weeks of sniffling and sneezing and what can feel like no relief in sight. Whether your seasonal allergy symptoms are expected, or you’re worried your symptoms could be something […]

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