reliant dry needle

What Is Dry Needling in Physical Therapy?

Patients recovering from sports or work-related injuries need high-quality physical therapy. Each individual case requires a unique approach to achieve the best results. When designing a personalized physical therapy course, you doctor may suggest dry needling. This minimally invasive treatment can ease muscle pain and help you take a big step toward recovery. Let’s take […]

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reliant physical therapy

What’s Right For You–Chiropractor Or Physical Therapist?

What’s Right For You–Chiropractor Or Physical Therapist? Americans of all ages face chronic pain, and are frequently at a loss of how to manage it. There are so many different kinds of pain, and so many treatment options, that it’s hard to know what is the best route for your own treatment therapies and healing. […]

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10 Types of Physical Therapy

Types of Physical Therapy Physical therapy boasts many benefits. If you suffer from sore joints, then it is an excellent idea to sign up for one of our programs. Engaging in a practice will greatly benefit your body. We specialize in Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy. Orthopedic Physical Therapy Orthopedic physical therapy is geared towards […]

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flu shot

Does the Flu Shot Cause the Flu?

The flu vaccine has been proven effective in both decreasing personal risk for getting the flu as well as reducing the incidence of flu in the population overall. Still, many myths persist about the flu and the flu vaccine. Influenza is a viral, contagious respiratory illness that can range in severity, with the most serious […]

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