urgent care doctor looking at x-rays

A Guide on Urgent Care

What Is Urgent Care? An alternative to an emergency room, urgent care is a walk-in clinic that assists with some medical needs. Whether it is an illness or an injury that you are suffering from, the medical staff on-site can treat any general concern you may have and be experiencing. When To Go To Urgent […]

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When to Go to Urgent Care vs. ER

It can be confusing to choose the facility to rush to for care during a sudden and scary medical situation. You may not know whether you should call 911, head straight to the local hospital’s ER (emergency room), or opt for the nearby urgent care facility. Both the ER and urgent care clinic have the […]

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physical therapy for sprained ankle

Recovering from a Sprained Ankle with Physical Therapy

Have you had the unfortunate experience of rolling your ankle or twisting it in a way that caused pain, swelling, and discomfort for weeks? If so, you probably sprained your ankle. Ankle sprains happen from the most common causes, such as sports, just stepping wrong, and having your ankle roll. Experiencing a sprained ankle is […]

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physical therapy for herniated disc

Physical Therapy for Healing a Herniated Disc

Back pain is an incredibly common condition that most adults will experience at some point. If the pain becomes chronic and severe enough to get in the way of normal activities, you may be suffering from a herniated disc.  Spinal discs are sturdy, gel-like structures that play an essential role in cushioning the bones away […]

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